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10 Advantages of working with Summerhill Landscapes New York

Some of the reasons why you would like to work at Summerhill. They all came from the staff currently working there.

  1. Experience high-end landscaping on some of the worlds most expensive residential properties
  2. Work with a landscape professional team of over 100 staff from all over the world
  3. Gain experience in operating the newest and most up to date landscape technology
  4. Work directly with fully qualified horticulture professionals on a daily basis
  5. Learn many  new landscape procedures on an international scale
  6. In your free time, enjoy the beaches, venues and culture in one of America’s leading Summer resorts
  7. Located on the doorstep of one of the largest metropolitan cities in the World, New York City
  8. Experience and participate in the vast array of water sports, arts and festivals The Hamptons have to offer
  9. Neighbouring countries easily accessible for exploration, Canada, Central America, Caribbean etc
  10. Immerse yourself in one of the largest economies in the world