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Migrant workers (Ireland)

Migrant workers (Ireland)

Employment permits

Coming to Ireland - tax and social insurance
Important information for those coming to work in Ireland about tax issues of residence, domicile, double taxation, income earned prior to moving, and temporary employment in Ireland.

Coming from the EU/EEA to work
Details the rights of EU/EEA nationals to come to Ireland to work, and covers rights while working. In addition deals with the entitlements of Irish citizens returning to Ireland particularly if unemployed.

Finding a job in Ireland
Information for EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals about how to look for employment in Ireland.

Coming to work in Ireland
The rights of EU nationals and non-EU nationals to work in Ireland and includes information on how to apply for an employment permit. 
This document is in: Moving Country > Moving to Ireland > Working in Ireland

Migrant workers and unemployment
This outlines the possible redundancy, social welfare and tax entitlements of migrant workers who lose their job.

Atypical Working Scheme
Under the Atypical Working Scheme non-EEA nationals may do certain short-term contract work which is not covered by the Employment Permits Acts.

Source: Citizens Information