Recruitment for Horticulture

Working in landscape, garden retail, private gardens & edible/amenity production around the Republic of Ireland and the UK can be hard work but is rewarding for both employer and employee. Building and recruiting for your team? You need a focal point for all of the talent in horticulture to congregate and experts to help grow you and your business through organic talent and excellent work.

Who we are

Combined, we have the recruitment expertise and horticultural knowledge to grow your business into a strong and robust company. We are a specialised agency who work exclusively with horticultural businesses and their recruitment needs. Couple this with our reach within the industry, and you will have access to the best talent in the marketplace.

Why you should be working with us as candidates

We have massive visibility on the horticulture market as thousands of horticultural professionals across the Republic of Ireland and the UK read our newsletters and our seasonal magazine.

We work with the leading names in the industry and you working with us means you will have access to the hottest jobs when they are available.

You will also be partnering with leading recruitment experts who can guide you through the often convoluted recruitment process. We are trained negotiators and will work to get you the best wage/salary possible for your career level.

We prepare you for your interviews with extensive interview preparation. This will be done with experienced recruiters who will give you the opportunity to practice your skills with them and real time feedback in your technique.