Irish Landscape Institute(ILI)

The ILI is the professional body representing Landscape Architects and Parks Professionals in Ireland, and is recognised by the Irish State as such. Governed by a Constitution and a Code of Professional Conduct, ILI has a current membership of 160 in 5 membership categories.   

The ILI aims to:

  • Set standards of excellence in the fields of Landscape Planning, Landscape Design and Landscape Management.
  • Encourage and facilitate the Continued Professional Development of its members.
  • Increase public and societal awareness of the profession of Landscape Architecture, of its practitioners and their work in academia, public and private practice.
  • Foster and support the interaction of Landscape Architecture with related disciplines such as engineering, architecture and planning.
  • Support the development of landscape education at all levels in Ireland.
  • In promoting knowledge of the profession, ILI runs a series of public lectures, which are generally free and open to non-members and associated professionals. Conferences are held regularly, and the ILI Awards are held bi-annually, honouring excellence in the fields of Landscape Research and in Landscape Planning, Design and Management