Grow Shop

My family and I moved to Ireland in 2000 to operate a crafts-handicraft shop selling goods from Nepal and India, under the company name of ‘Himalayan Crafts’, after a year or two of this I saw an opening into a different Market, the Indoor Grow Industry. I realized that at that time no one was doing any indoor grow equipment in Ireland, people had to go over to England to get what they needed in Hydroponic equipment and nutrients.

At first, we sold under the name Himalayan Crafts, our first retail shop, selling Handicrafts. We opened in Navan in 2001 and it lasted till 2003 when we moved more into Grow and less handicrafts we opened our first Grow shop in 2003 in Navan, which remained in that location till 2016. When we were forced to relocate to a much larger warehouse/shop in Ardsallagh, we went from 1500 sq. ft to 15000 sq. ft., here we have two shops fronts in the one location, offering customers everything they need. We are still in that location (C15 E52P) and hope to be for some years to come.

We have three companies running, Himalayan Crafts Limited our import/ wholesale company in its 21st year, still selling retail handicrafts. The Grow Shop Limited, which is our retail side, selling Indoor Grow Equipment both from a physical retail shop and online. Under the Himalayan Crafts company we now wholesale to 80% of the retails shops in this industry in Ireland. We are expanding into the nursery and garden centres as well, trying to take the products we do into a different and varied market. We were lucky at first to get a very good distributorship for General Hydroponics Europe, which started us on our current route, having secured over 20 different distributorships in the grow industry. We could be considered the largest stockist of Grow Equipment in Ireland.

The companies are still a family-owned and run business, with myself and my wife still in most days overseeing the running and decision making. Our son and our youngest daughter running the day-to-day business, taking care of dealing with sales and ordering and accounting. Family is important in life and in business it also has stability and security when it is family running a family business. We welcome new customers and old alike and try to give the best advice with the widest choice of products at reasonable prices. Our aim has always been Customer Service driven.