Westway Trust

The Westway Trust is a unique charity that stewards the resources of 23 acres of space under the Westway A40. In 2019, a local community campaign ensured that the Board of the Trust is led by local people and the Westway Trust now works together with the local community to enable North Kensington to thrive. 

In 2021, a new CEO was appointed and a new plan was created for the organisation. This plan set a new vision, mission and values and the Trust now has a clear transformation programme to achieve social, environmental and economic wellbeing and justice. Our leadership team is testament to our values as we strive for excellence and to deliver our ambition we work with a whole range of stakeholders including around 80 Member Organisations. You can see the organisations plan at: www.westway.org/aboutus/horizon-plan/.

The estate is home to more than three acres of public green space, 120 tenants including more than 20 charities and non-profit organisations, two sports and fitness facilities, 48 light industrial units, 4 car parks, 34 offices, 32 shops, community stables development and an Olympic-registered skate park.

We already receive more than one million visitors each year to the estate, and we want to expand the community, cultural, retail, sporting and enterprise opportunities here together with improvements to the public realm so that it is a place the tenants and community is proud of and even more visitors can enjoy.