Glanbia Agribusiness

Glanbia Agribusiness is the largest supplier of inputs to the Irish agri sector, with 53 retail outlets serving our farmer supplier base.

Through our branch network we provide farmers with value and high quality farm inputs. Our dedicated team of branch and business managers work closely with our farmers to increase farm profitability and efficiency.

Glanbia Agribusiness is also the leading purchaser and processor of grain in Ireland. A large portion of our grain is used in the manufacture of our branded animal feed we are key suppliers to the beer, spirits and cereals industries. Consistency and quality are critical to our grain customers and we pride ourselves on our unrivaled supply chain integration and traceability. This is epitomised by our recently introduced gluten-free oats programme and the associated state-of-the-art food-grade oats milling facility in Portlaoise, Ireland.