Inchydoney House & Gardens
  • Inchydoney Island, Co. Cork, Ireland

Former Employee Testimonials:

1: "A position at Inchydoney House is an excellent professional opportunity. The wide variety of plants and gardens on the property means that there is abundant opportunity for learning, no matter your level of experience. There is also variety within the work-day and week which helps keep interest and energy high. Learning also comes from the owner's sharing of their thought process with regard to garden design and maintenance decisions. The development of the garden is an ongoing project and the owners are open to input and innovation from the gardening team. The owners are also open to providing external professional development opportunities. Working in the beautiful gardens of Inchydoney House is a highly engaging and enjoyable experience."

2: "Working at Inchydoney House has been a great professional experience. Few gardens in Ireland can boast the variety of work involved in the day-to-day management of this garden. There is a great ethos which encourages employees to learn and progress in their careers and to challenge industry norms that can be taken for granted. The owners impart their shared knowledge, and decades worth of practical gardening experience, to maximise and expedite your's and the garden's achievements. The scale of the workload also helps develop organisation and prioritisation skills that are keenly focused at all times. The sheer diversity of the plants and styles within the property ensures that anyone who is enthusiastic about their role will garner a new appreciation for horticulture."