Earthlinks Landscaping was established in 2008 by Michael Carroll to bring a fresh, vibrant approach to landscape gardening.

Michael has obtained a B.Sc. in Horticulture and uses his expertise and experience to create exciting and innovative out door living spaces. From design, through to creation. Were detail and craftsmanship is set at a very high standard.

Michael has always had a keen interest in gardening and a passion for design and this formed the basis of Earthlinks. Michael is a member of the prestigious ALCI which is the trade association for the Landscape Contractors of Ireland.

Earthlinks is committed to delivering a very high standard service to its customers from the design process through to its creation. Michael aims to bring a fresh, vibrant approach to landscape gardening while meeting the customers’ needs and requests. We are happy to meet you no matter what size your garden is or what condition it is in!