16 Mar, 2023

Team Leader

  • FitzGerald Nurseries
  • Oldtown Farmhouse, Oldtown Road, Oldtown, Stoneyford, County Kilkenny
Permanent Edible Horticulture Grower Edible Grower Ornamental

Job Description

We are recruiting a Team Leader to support and assist the propagation area manager in activities leading to plant production, space allocations, grading and quality control (QC) of plugs and liners. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the post-sticking operations from plant hardening to moving on of successive batches to other greenhouses as appropriate and ensuring the assigned grading, QC or other relevant tasks are precisely executed in accordance with agreed plant specifications and work rates. 

Participation in plant and facility quality control training and planning meetings where required and filling in records required by the management team. Responsible for the final grading of plant batches in consultation with the specific production area manager.



  • Grading, cleaning and counting of plugs and liners produced in various nursery production programs 

  • Collaborating with and giving relevant feedback to all relevant staff involved with the plug and liner production at earlier and later stages of the production process

  • Assisting propagation area manager with batch watering support and feedback, (when and where needed) of plugs and liners according to agreed work plans each week

  • In addition to the grading tasks, trimming, spacing and execution of assigned cultural tasks on plants agreed in weekly work plans 

  • Reporting of weeds, liverwort, mosses and hand cleanings where needed, of plugs, liners and surrounding production areas in compliance with the nursery weed and hygiene control programme

  • Reporting to the propagation area manager proactively on pests and diseases identified in the course of execution of the weekly work schedule 

  • Ensuring facilities and work areas assigned are kept clean, properly organized and tidy at all times during and after the execution of given tasks

  • Ensuring all tools and equipment used are kept clean and stored properly after use bringing to the attention of the manager where broken or faulty in advance of the need for replacement

  • Updating report templates provided by the manager on losses recorded through the grading and QC tasks assigned and passing to the propagation area manager as required 

Team Leadership 

Leading other grading staff assigned to grading work, especially during the busy production  periods and supporting new staff in achieving standards in quality output in the grading of plugs and liners

  • Communication with the propagation area manager on any issues encountered with teams assigned to the tasks of grading and QC

  • Reporting to the propagation area manager any observed, shortfalls in the quality of plants during the grading process by grading teams

  • Supporting the propagation area manager in the assessment of quality and grading speed of other team members

  • Notifying the propagation area manager of any non-compliance or infringements by the staff of any of the regulations outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Research and Development
The purpose of R&D at FitzGerald Nurseries should be to improve the company's performance in both technical production improvements and new products with the purpose to increase company profitability. New product line development that strengthens the company’s offer should not come at the expense of company performance. 

  • Supporting the propagation area manager with small batches of plants and any output data collection required from time to time in the company R&D programme where necessary 


  • Ensuring clear and effective records are filled in on record sheets as required by the propagation area manager


  • Ensuring safe systems of work by all team members and compliance with the Company Health & Safety Policy in the area of responsibility

  • Assisting with other activities where time permits and as agreed with the propagation area manager 

  • Performance of work rates and standards to be appraised on an annual basis formally at end of November each year

  • Communication in a clear manner of any causes whether personal, professional or any other reasons why the outlined job description as above cannot be performed to be made to the propagation area manager as soon as such circumstances prevail

RESPONSIBLE TO: Propagation Area Manager 


  • Keeping agreed KPI metrics in line with set targets for productivity

  • Part-time or full-time worker teams are assigned from time to time to grading and QC tasks


This area covers where management does not expect any responsibility from the Team Leaders. Cultural applications of hazardous chemicals, decisions on dumping of plants without the agreement of the propagation area manager, the discipline of team members, and changing of agreed protocols or work schedules assigned weekly. Repair of equipment or infrastructure.


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